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Continuum Law provided us with end user license agreements for critical proprietary software. In each case, the client’s attorneys had no objections to the language and terms of the EULA and so no negotiations were required, minimizing our costs. Mr. Cogan performed a detailed due diligence for each case and provided a comprehensive EULA at an extremely reasonable cost. He is not an attorney that will nickel and dime you. His explanations of the details are well thought out, to the point and very understandable and he doesn’t charge you by the minute for these discussions. He is very personable and a joy to work with. I would recommend him highly for any work involving intellectual property issues. Based on our informal discussions, he is a savvy business person as well that we hope to use in the future as we evaluate our current and future business model.

Robert Jubach

General Manager, Hydrologic Research Center

Robert Cogan has given me great advice on intellectual property, contracts, business strategy and liability protection for my small high-tech business. Rob’s advice has been intelligent, practical and focused on the parts of the contract that are likely to matter in practice. He gives my legal projects his full concentration and care, and his practical, to-the-point style helps me get the solutions I need.

He’s affordable, not because he compromises quality, but because he gets right to what’s important. His advice seems thoughtful, practical and well informed by his decades of experience. I tried a lot of lawyers before finding Rob and he’s been by far the best.

Bill Avrin

CEO, Insight Magnetics

Robert Cogan is knowledgeable in all aspects of Intellectual Property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, and relevant contract law. His electrical engineering background enables him to understand the technical details. As initial patent information is discussed, Robert is able to help an engineer discover additional “inventions” or a broader invention. Robert’s help has been invaluable.

Paul “Prem” Sobel

CTO, MerlinCryption LLC

Rob Cogan combines legal skill, technical competence, and a real concern for his client’s business.

We asked Rob to advise us with respect to potential legal liabilities we could face when introducing a new product line. He was able to advise us in terms of a risk versus benefit analysis that was meaningful to us in terms of our day to day business operations. He understands our budgeting process, and he understands the business operations of our suppliers, our customers, and our competitors. With his business experience and his business acumen, Rob was able to transform the legal process from a hurdle into part of getting the job done.

His rates are reasonable, and he makes a priority of protecting the client’s bottom line.

Roger Atkinson

CTO, A Satcom Company

Eric Cogan is the kind of attorney I want at my side in a situation that could easily turn into an expensive problem. Eric used his considerable legal skill and keen insight into people in order to work out an approach to ending a relationship with an outside service provider. We were able to modify the arrangement so that it would quietly fade away. My company did not incur the potentially significant expense that could have resulted. There was no disruption of our business, and company officers did not get tied up in conferences. Eric was sensitive to the urgency of the situation and his responsiveness helped things to go smoothly. The next time a similar situation arises, I will be calling Eric.

Gary Smith

VP, Bigavu, LLC

My new product is a meat curing chamber for residential use. I call it SteakLocker, and we have an attractive logo to go with the name. I called on Eric to obtain a trademark registration for me. I found out that there are many intricacies in obtaining the most effective protection from a trademark registration. I was impressed with Eric’s attention to detail and his concern with getting everything just right. Eric is easy to work with. While he has a wonderful sense of humour, he is very serious about taking care of his client. I am very glad that I work with Eric.

Claus Schmitz

Founder & CEO, SteakLocker

Legal language is something I don’t like to deal with. I’m a graphic artist. I draw, write, and publish a number of comic book titles. Things like copying and “fair use” affect my business. But they are very legalistic. Eric has a way of taking legalese and turning it into language that means something to me in real life. Then I can make business decisions and decide what events are important to me and what events don’t need to be given much attention. He takes the time to understand what needs to be done to protect me and my business and shows concern for my success. Eric also understands the process of writing and how to construct a story arc. His knowledge and experience in the arts makes what he has to say very helpful to me.

Chad Cavanaugh

Artist, Publisher, & Creator, Grunt 1B Comics

The trademark examiner issued a long and detailed rejection. The response to the trademark application used discussions of legal precedent, interpretation of evidence, and new legal descriptions to demonstrate that the trademark was worthy of registration. After the trademark was allowed, a European government filed an opposition proceeding. The European government was represented by a large, expensive firm. Eric and his firm successfully resisted the opposition.

Guillermo Goni

CEO, Iceland Pure, Inc.