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Government Contracts


        At Continuum Law, we speak “Federal Government.” We have acted as guides to lead companies through the maze to secure contracts and achieve successful contract performance. We have worked with state agencies and foreign governments as well.


        In many ways, government contracting is a world unto itself. On one hand, many people view the maze of federal regulations as an obstacle. However, we prefer to take the approach that the federal regulations actually define a framework in which a contractor can work. There are rules which can be relied on to reduce the scope of uncertainties in the business and rules with which contracting officers must comply. We serve the client effectively because we are able to see the government contracting environment as an ordered universe.


DOD, NASA, and Other Agencies


        We have represented contractors dealing with Department of Defense, NASA, Department of Energy, and many other federal agencies. Our experience is extensive in working with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) as well as the separate FAR chapters associated with each agency. We have seen regulatory fads come and go, and we have seen the progress in lasting developments in contracting practice. We have the perspective to evaluate situations as they arise.


Teaming Agreements


        Having represented top aerospace companies, we are particularly well positioned to assist small to medium sized corporations who team with a major company on a proposal. We understand the advantages and pitfalls inherent in teaming relationships. When a prime contract is awarded, we want the client to be granted the appropriate subcontract. We work to protect the lower tier contractor from being forced into improper grants of rights to the upper tier contractor or being subjected to improper exclusivity requirements.


Small Business Innovation Research Grants (SBIRs) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) Grants


        We help clients work through the system. We can often offer practical assistance in reaching decision makers. We also offer assistance in matching the client’s technology to an agency’s list of grant topics. Preparing statements of work and meeting government reviewers’ concerns are additional ways we assist the client to succeed in the contracting procedure.